The widest range available
The forks offered by Paioli Meccanica come in the following versions, where each can be realized in a wide range of stem diameters:

- Traditional
This is a classic fork, with cast leg and inner hydraulic system ranging from the simplest pumping stem to use of a cartridge that works independently to the other leg.
Paioli Meccanica production in this segment includes diameters 22, 26, 28, 30, 32 and 36 for scooters and mopeds; 41, 43, 46 and 51 for road motorcycles.

- RSU (Ride Side Up)
This term identifies all the forks with composite legs. The outer tube is made from extruded aluminium (generally 7075), anodized lapped internally. The axel bracket, screwed and clamped on the outer tube, is generally hot-forged and anodized; it can also be obtained by machining, depending on Customer choice.
The dust seal and the oil seal are assembled into a floating bushing called oil seal bushing seat.
The main characteristic that makes this product different to the other of the Paioli production, is that this part (floating) has the possibility to follow the inner tube in each movement, taking off the friction of "first detaching" and grants a costant wear of the oil seal, eliminating any leakage of oil and the possible entry of dirty.
Paioli Meccanica produces RSU forks in diameters 36, 38, 41, 43, 46 and 51.

- Upside-down
The forks with this conformation enable the sleeve and the outer-tube to be obtained in a single extrusion of aluminium. The competition examples very often use the floating oil seal bushing seat.
Production is in diameters 33, 35, 38, 43 and 46.

The production range of Paioli Meccanica can be catalogued in the following categories:

- Trials (a segment where the Firm is undisputed leader, having just won the eighth almost consecutive world title, in tenyears' presence at the top of the category);

- Cross/Enduro (in the Traditional, RSU and Upside-down versions);

- Road (in the Traditional, RSU and Upside-down versions);

- Custom (in the same diameters of the road range but with dimensions, materials and characteristics adjusted to these motorcycles);

- Scooter (where the catalogue will renew the only range available on the market fitted with all the outside adjustments). In this segment Paioli Meccanica is the only firm to produce forks with extruded axle-bracket or in RSU (Ride Side Up) version;

- Mini cross (with models equipped with absolutely exclusive technical characteristics, such as, for example, all types of adjustment, 2 models in RSU version, tube diameters up to 36 mm.).

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